Math Learning Disorders: Understanding the Challenges and Finding Effective Solutions

When acquiring math facts fluently, autism and learning problems might pose special difficulties. For children with these problems, learning basic math facts can be challenging since they may have trouble with recall, automaticity, and precision. Yet, individuals with autism and learning disabilities can develop math fact fluency and succeed in math with the correct tools and assistance. In this piece, we’ll examine math fact fluency, why it’s significant, and how parents and teachers can help individuals with autism and other disabilities develop it.

Everything You Wanted to Know About READING EGGS PROGRAM – REVIEW

What is Reading Eggs? As the name suggests Reading Eggs is an online reading program that helps children learn to read.  For kids 2 to 13, there are thousands of online reading lessons, phonics activities, and novels.  Children can also use the iPad/android app that comes with the Reading Eggs program. This enables parents to instruct their kids while they’re out and about using the app.  The app includes:-


CTCMath – A Curriculum Review

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to try out CTCMath – 12 month family membership in our homeschool curricula.  Read on to know more about the program and our experience. What is CTC Math? Patrick Murray, an Australian math instructor, developed and instructs CTC Math, a K–12 online math course with a subscription model, including Calculus. Although it could potentially be used to augment other math courses, its primary purpose is to serve as your math program. Grade levels and courses available in CTCMath include: Kindergarten 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade 6th grade Basic Math

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Critical Company Co

Critical Thinking- Building Thinking Skills

As a homeschooler, each year end brings us to reflection and assessment.  My neurotypical son is slightly ahead in learning and seeks challenging work.  Summer is the time when I am sifting and sorting various curricula and looking to support diverse needs of my children.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to review The Critical Thinking Co.™ ‘s Building Thinking Skills workbook.  My son was thrilled to see colorful pages with work that did not lean into rote facts alone, however needed some brain muscle flexing. What is Building Thinking Skills workbook- Level 1? This is a paperback book

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Dyslexia Gold Cover

Dyslexia Gold – A review

I’ve previously discussed my son’s language disorder struggles that have an impact on his reading skills. He tends to skim through text, not read clearly from time to time.  I am hence continually looking for resources that can help him. We just had the opportunity to review Dyslexia Gold‘s Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle. He loves it, and you can read on how immensely it helped our situation.

LeapStart Interactive Learning Success Bundle

As a parent, we struggle from time to time to curate a child’s day with meaningful activities.  It is easier to fall into the rabbit hole of “screen time” along with our daily grind of life, in general.  Even with the best intentions we may fall short and sometimes feel guilty about our decisions managing screen time.  I am always looking out for creative options to engage my child, which led me to LeapFrog‘s   LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™.  So, why does screen time restriction warrant attention and is it really important to pause and think?  Yes indeed!

Why Should You Consider Learning a Second Language?

Learning languages has numerous cognitive benefits that are undeniable. Research suggests that people who know multiple languages have higher memory, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills, as well as greater concentration, multitasking ability, and listening skills. They are better able than monolinguals to transition between competing tasks and monitor changes in their environment, as well as show indicators of increased inventiveness and adaptability.

SchoolhouseTeachers Membership Benefits – What you need to know?

Have you ever felt wrapped up with the different choices of curriculum?  Children in different grades, different learning styles, electives, paperwork, pintables and what not! a division of  The Old Schoolhouse® offers a solution to all these dilemmas and quandaries.  They offer curriculum for preschool through high school, as well as several courses for parents.  The educational needs of every child are different. Meeting the needs of students and families is at the heart of