Why Should You Consider Learning a Second Language?

Learning languages has numerous cognitive benefits that are undeniable. Research suggests that people who know multiple languages have higher memory, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills, as well as greater concentration, multitasking ability, and listening skills. They are better able than monolinguals to transition between competing tasks and monitor changes in their environment, as well as show indicators of increased inventiveness and adaptability.

Learning a second language not only improves communication skills but also expands vocabulary in your first language—yes, really!  Research also shows that learning additional languages is much easier, particularly for children. This is because when you learn a new language, your brain develops new neural networks that are primed and ready, when you start learning a third language.  Besides learning a second language also expands your options for studying or working in another country.  In this post, I review WhistleFritz curriculum to learn a foreign language, stay tuned.

What is WhistleFritz?

Whistlefritz is a flexible and professional curriculum that teaches a foreign language using an immersive approach, which means it does not give translations for students (though they are available for the teacher!).

It is organized into thematic sections that use music and short animated movies to
introduce new grammar and vocabulary, which are then practiced with hands-on, parent-led activities.

Each lesson contains two sections. The first section looks like below:-
  1. Description of each lesson.
  2. The goal.
  3. The objective.
  4. Vocabulary.
  5. Materials.
  6. Estimated time to teach.
The second section is on the activity itself and it includes-
  1. The focus (and review).
  2. Teacher input.
  3. Guided practice.
  4. Independent practice.
  5. The closure.
  6. And extension activities.

What does it include? The collection consists of-

  • 3 DVDs.
  • Inside and Out – Dedans et dehors.
  • Let’s Play – On va jouer.
  • The Seasons- Les saisons.
  • 2 CDs.
  • Cha, cha, cha – French Learning Songs.
  • Let’s Dance! – Allons danser !
  • Teacher’s Book – French Lesson Plans For Kids (40 lesson plans).
  • Memory matching cards

Educator collection WhistleFritz

The videos teach by immersion, which means there is no English in the video. The main character is “Fritzi” a cute little mouse, who doesn’t talk, but performs in the videos.  Children are encouraged to repeat certain phrases.  The book ‘French Lesson Plans for Kids’ is my favorite element of this curriculum.
Each lesson is well-planned and includes a hands-on activity for the kids.   Coloring, flashcard exercises, graphing, and many other activities are available with each lesson.  Whistlefritz thus teaches in a natural way by combining imaginative story lines, well-done animation, native speakers, and appealing music.

Who should use it?

Whistlefritz is suitable for parents who have studied the target language although
the lesson plans are written in both English and the target language.

However, having at least a basic degree of French or Spanish proficiency is helpful
if you wish to stick to the curriculum’s immersion style. It is slightly difficult to navigate it for your child if you have no understanding of the language you are targeting.Workb

If you have small children (ages 8 and under), Whistlefritz can be used to teach
them all together, with the lesson plans differentiated as needed( you will have to do this).

Whistlefritz thinks you’ll use their DVDs and music and those are, after all, these are program’s key components—but I believe this curriculum should be as available to a screen-free family with just the lesson plans and music.  I would hence love to see an audio download of the key phrases from the lesson plans for parents who are not familiar with French pronunciation.

Final thoughts:-

The immersion method makes it simple to teach a foreign language to children. All classes are taught by native speakers and feature appealing animation, catchy music, and a sensible skill progression. The CDs and DVDs can be used separately or in conjunction with the Lesson Plan book to provide a comprehensive curriculum for children in Pre-K through Early Elementary school. The key to teaching a foreign language is repetition, and their bilingual foreign language immersion music videos are so well-made that they’re easy to set on repeat and watch over and over.  Read other homeschool curriculum reviews for whistleFritz here.

You can also check them out on social media for more information.

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