Sound healing therapy. Did you know about it?

Do you have a child who is good at certain things but struggles with executive functioning and focus in general?  Do you find your kid fidgety, lacking attention and emotional regulation has a diagnosis of ASD, ADD, ADHD, or auditory processing disorder?  Does your child suffer in day-to-day life or school due to learning and communication disorders? Then keep reading… I have always been on the lookout for multisensory approaches to support learning.  Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.  My son is minimally verbal(has delayed echolalia) and possesses a great liking

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Using flashcards to teach language- Visual Memory Enhancers.

Piecing language for a gestalt language learner has been quite an interesting and exhaustive task.  While you have to retain your focus on core words one has to teach them as practically as possible.  Do you find yourself in a scenario where you are stuck with therapists doing random words that are hard to generalize?  Is the language not progressing beyond words/phrases used for requesting needs and wants.  Then, read on – how to build vocabulary and help language acquisition.  Picture flashcards are my first choice to work on speech and language goals. So why use flashcards?  Flashcards improve your

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Core vocabulary and communication.

The Power of Core Vocabulary Core vocabulary refers to the small number of words that make up >70-90% of what we say daily. These words are relevant across contexts and can have many meanings. They are a specific set of pronouns, words, descriptors, prepositions and very few nouns that apply across settings. Some examples of core vocabulary include: stop, go, get, more, turn, mine, on, off, up, down, that.  They are classified as:- Tier 1- Most basic words. Tier 2- High-frequency words. Tier 3- Low-frequency words. They are also the words that are on the AAC device(Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

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They are analytic and gestalt language modes of acquisition.  For a long time, I had no answer for my son’s delayed echolalia and every therapist simply was working “around it”.  He had limited speech and until I stumbled on this article, I did not figure out that my child checked all boxes of a “gestalt language processor”.  Read on to understand and ensure you are using the right approach for such a kid. Please see the chart below for quick reference.  Originally published here, for more details.   Gestalt language acquisition is a style of language development with predictable stages

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