Everything You Wanted to Know About READING EGGS PROGRAM – REVIEW

As the name suggests Reading Eggs is an online reading program that helps children learn to read.  For kids to 13, there are thousands of online reading lessons, phonics activities, and novels.  Children can also use the iPad/android app that comes with the Reading Eggs program. This enables parents to instruct their kids while they’re out and about using the app.  The app includes:-

Eggy Times Tables – games that teach multiplication facts to kids ages 5 to 10.
Eggy Phonics-  a program for teaching youngsters as young as 3 years old to read phonics through multisensory activities.
MathSeeds – Play and Learn – a math section for 3-9-year-olds that teach them core math concepts

In this post we will cover-

-Reading Eggs- What does it offer?
-The price of bundles, subscriptions and more options
-The program’s benefits, drawbacks, alongside our experience.

Program Overview:-

The Stepping Stones Reading lessons are the core of the Reading Eggs learn-to-read program. Each lesson builds on the previous one to build skills in the five key areas needed to become a good reader: phonemic awareness and phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

The lessons are presented in three broad levels with 40 lessons in each level.

  • Level 1 Starting Out for absolute beginners, lessons 1-40.
  • Level 2 Beginning to Read for emerging readers, lessons 41-80.
  • Level 3 Building confidence for early readers, lessons 81-120.

Reading Eggs and Mathseeds program does align with the Common Core standards.  Great care has been taken to ensure each lesson not only addresses the requirements of the Common Core State Standards, Texas TEKS, and other state standards, but in most cases exceeds the recommended standards. You may find the co-relation chart here.

Each Mathseeds app is made to focus on particular abilities and subjects covered in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2.  Numbers, addition and subtraction, fractions, patterns, and shapes are some of the subjects covered in Mathseeds Kindergarten. Additionally, grouping and sharing, measuring, money, and data are introduced to the kids.

How does it work?

There is a placement test a simple quiz that tests students’ knowledge of phonics and sight words. They are then positioned at the proper map level once they get a predetermined amount of questions incorrect in the test.  You can decide to skip the test entirely and start again if your child is a beginning reader.

I think it did place my child several levels below in reading eggs.  I feel that way, as the next couple of weeks were too easy for him, nonetheless I considered that coursework as revision/warmup.

However, if you are concerned, you can redo to the placement test and adjust levels from the parent dashboard-

Let’s move onto lesson plans that take you through fundamentals of reading –

Children work through animated courses to acquire crucial reading and phonics skills. Each lesson includes a range of enjoyable activities that provide the repetition the child needs for these abilities to stick in their long-term memory.

-Children are driven by the vibrant animation, entertaining characters, songs, and rewards through the lesson plan.
-The program offers more than 3000 children’s books online, each of which concludes with a comprehension test to gauge your child’s level of knowledge.
-Hundreds of full-color, downloadable activity sheets that coincide with the program’s courses are available for parents, along with thorough progress reports.
-Children can participate in the program and study in their preferred English dialect, whether it is British English, Australian English, or American English.

Reading eggs emails you a parent report weekly, in addition to those available in the dashboard(see below).


What we think of it?

My son with special needs(autism and ADHD) could work on this with little help.  He needed redirection and patience with the instructions before starting a task.  However, he was able to go through the predicted flow of tasks and was motivated enough to complete a level or two each time.  We were thus able to complete the recommended amount of time needed to make progress and still stay on task each day.

What I liked about this program is that it really stretches itself to cover a variety of options.  For eg they have worksheets available for each module thus making the hands-on work possible for the child.

Sample worksheet-

A nice addition to Reading Eggs are the program guides specifically designed to support homeschooling.
The target audience for these materials are students in Kindergarten through second grade. Using lessons, quizzes, and books from the Reading Eggspress collection, these guides help to develop a comprehensive online learning program for these lower grades that covers 36 weeks of language arts, mathematics, science, and social study.

Homeschool plan

Thus far, I have been able to use all aspects of this program keeping up with my child’s motivation, which is our biggest victory.

Final Thoughts:

My son’s approach to reading has been significantly altered by this program as it keeps him motivated in various engaging activities. I have seen him read aloud with the book which has been difficult for him without a “record” button any earlier.  Reading Eggs offers printable worksheets, homeschool guides, library books in addition lessons on reading, spelling and several tests and modules.  Hence, I do think this program offers a comprehensive, cost effective and engaging curriculum for under $10 per month or $70 yearly.  One can get all the below for that price and also that you can try all these before you buy for 30 days.

  • Access for up to 4 children
  • Reading Eggs Junior
  • Reading Eggs
  • Fast Phonics
  • Reading Eggspress
  • Mathseeds
  • Detailed assessment reports
  • 3000 e-books
  • 500+ printable worksheets

If you have stuck along so far, I will encourage you to also read what other homeschooling families have to say about this to figure out if this is a fit for your situation.  You can read customer reviews here or browse through their social links for additional information.  Happy reading!

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