Educo Learning Center Curriculum Review

As a homeschooler, I am always looking for novel ways to scaffold my child’s learning, given his special needs.  I stumbled on Educolearning Math online curriculum and decided to check out if it fit our learning needs.  Keep reading to find out more.

What is Educolearning?

ELC is flagship educational technology product from Educo International Inc.    Educolearning is geared towards learning resources for Kindergarten(K1) to College level education.

What does it include?

The online topics are aligned to Common Core objectives and a printed workbook shipped to you.

When you login online there are tutorials, activities and many practice sheets in each section, which are presented in two modes:
  • Practice mode (instant feedback) and
  • Test mode (Feedback after submission).
There is a Section test for each section and Chapter test for each chapter.
In short chapters, sections, and practice Sheets make up the content for Educolearning.
Primary interface:
Instant feedback on the topics, this is how it shows up.
Topic wise worksheets that you could print(sample below).
Another sample worksheet from the online interface.

Let’s talk about – Who can use this?

As per the tool “All of the activities are self-guided, and the kid should be able to finish them without assistance. Print materials must 
also be used by children to augment or assist online activities”.  However, I think it could best fit for supplemental learning. Curriculum does rely on hands-on practice as a strategy and hence printed workbooks are provided for each grade. The printed practice sheets in the textbook provide references to online Practice 
sheets and activities making them compatible with the online version.

What do reports look like?

Badges are awarded on the successful completion of every Chapter Test in a Course.  Educators receive real-time graphical and tabular information about their students’ grades, progress, and learning activities, allowing them to take proactive actions. 

What could be better?

The online worksheets are not editable so you may have to consider print version only, which seems restrictive.  The lack of auditory input through out the program did not appeal to our learning style .  This totally misses the auditory learners(my son is one) as visual input alone is not sufficient for instruction in our case.  I would also reckon that this may not be a good fit for children with differential needs as the topics are not scaffolded in any way.

How did we use it ?

My neurotypical son enjoyed completing the print workbook they sent along.  We did go through several topics as his practice work.
Workbook practice

Final thoughts:

Math education should do more than just aid you in class; it should also prepare our children for life outside of the classroom. If you need a supplemental curriculum and not go through the hassle of planning for worksheets you may lean into EducoMath. This curriculum could benefit from personalized teaching in addition to online practice and workbook work. You can find out what other homeschooling crew families have to say about this.  Happy learning!

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