Let’s get acquainted.

Hi there,

My name is Vanessa.  I am a wife and mom to twin boys. My boys are the world to me whose only intention seems to be “to create more work” for me! I have been serving in the technical field for well over a decade until I got these two blessings delivered.

Over the past few years of raising two children, I’ve experienced every emotion and feeling that a mother does: unbeatable exhaustion, guilt, anxiety, happiness, insecurity, and unconditional love! I can confidently say that I have experienced all this in greater depth, as I was thrust unawares into a roller coaster of raising a special needs kid. My lopsided life after pregnancy and the overwhelm of managing two preemies single-handedly, turned upside down when I learned about my kid’s autism diagnosis. That put me in a unique position of managing twins who do grow up in separate worlds and need totally different experiences to reach their optimum potential. Oh! That does not even sound easy to read!

Well, I turned online and leaned in for support, researched as though my life depended on it. Every new term, deficit, and corrective approach I recall stumbling upon and piecing it together, still do!

The last few years are also the time that I indulged in creative writing, researching products that best fit our needs, reading books, advocating, homeschooling, organizing, and gardening.

So, here I am to share with you, what did not come so readily to me while, I spent those sleepless, worrisome nights looking up for any help. Stay back and read on, there’s definitely something you will find worthwhile.

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