Using flashcards to teach language- Visual Memory Enhancers.

Piecing language for a gestalt language learner has been quite an interesting and exhaustive task.  While you have to retain your focus on core words one has to teach them as practically as possible.  Do you find yourself in a scenario where you are stuck with therapists doing random words that are hard to generalize?  Is the language not progressing beyond words/phrases used for requesting needs and wants.  Then, read on – how to build vocabulary and help language acquisition.  Picture flashcards are my first choice to work on speech and language goals. So why use flashcards?  Flashcards improve your

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Time concepts-“Understanding” passage of day.

In this post, I elaborate on how to extend time concepts to understand the passage of a day. Follow-up post in continuation to my earlier post on –  “passage of time” concepts. My son is who is speech delayed(on the spectrum) loves structure and has shown a strong preference for written schedules.  I have always used such schedules to curate his day and make it predictable. However, I did experience issues as my son would keep requesting an activity on the schedule, while it was not the time for that yet!  I had taught him elapsed time concepts using visual timers,

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“Understanding” the passage of time- Time concepts.

Teaching time concepts becomes the key to several aspects when you have a child with special needs.  I am not referring to telling time alone, however subtle concepts like waiting, turn-taking tie-up closely with “elapsed time”. Elapsed time is the amount of time that passes from the start of an event to its finish. In simplest terms, the elapsed time is how much time goes by from one time to another. An important tool that goes hand and hand with elapsed time is the timer. Consider teaching elapsed time as a concept consistently in various scenarios.  Waiting for preferred items, nonpreferred items, offering a choice of minutes to wait. Please

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Special needs and comprehension skills.

Teaching a special needs child is a completely different art that can get complex and demanding, needing a lot of patience.  That is when one will realize that the right tools can lend you a hand.  I am talking about materials and resources to target a specific skill! I want to touch a bit on the theory of mind and its relevance to autism.  Theory of mind is impaired in people with autism. One of the earliest tests for the theory of mind is the false-belief test developed by Simon Baron-Cohen and Uta Frith1. In the classic version of the test, a

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