SchoolhouseTeachers Membership Benefits – What you need to know?

SchoolHouse Membership

Have you ever felt wrapped up with the different choices of curriculum?  Children in different grades, different learning styles, electives, paperwork, pintables and what not! a division of  The Old Schoolhouse® offers a solution to all these dilemmas and quandaries.  They offer curriculum for preschool through high school, as well as several courses for parents.  The educational needs of every child are different. Meeting the needs of students and families is at the heart of

What does your Ultimate Membership broadly include?

  • Full Curriculum for Every Grade- digital curriculum boxes.
  • Recordkeeping Tools.
  • Literacy Center.
  • World Book Online Libraries.
  • High School Credit & Transcript Support.
  • Focused Learning Centers.
  • Hundreds of Streaming Videos.
  • Private Community Members-Only Forum.
  • No Limits on Courses.
  • College and Career Planning.
  • Scope & Sequence(This scope and sequence is simply an overview of topics generally studied arranged in a grade-by-grade format that shows where Schoolhouse Teachers classes most naturally fit.)
  • Lesson Plans.
  • Excellent Live Customer Support.

It is important to note that these are online resources and no live sessions.
The only print version you would receive is The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine print mailed quarterly.  For specifics you can tap into the Master course list available under your membership here One package for all grades, any number of kids.

The resources do not correspond to the Common Core State Standards. However, the Company has always strived to set the highest standards for homeschooling families and to offer the tools necessary for all members to meet those expectations.
Here is what their membership package looks like-

What we Liked?

You may take a while to understand the entire gamut of resources available.  Use the link to do a quick check.  We particularly liked all the seasonal resources that are readily available.  Like for example Easter resources when we wanted to cover it in our homeschool group, I had to look nowhere else for explanation of concept, puzzles and activities.

Another value adding feature is that one single membership provides for K-12  Homeschool Curriculum Boxes.  This is a set of online materials, including downloadable .pdf files, streaming videos, and other resources that are available immediately upon purchase of a ultimate membership.  They are planning to add the PK and Parent Boxes to the repertoire.
Each curriculum box contains –
✓ A curriculum guide for each subject that correlates objectives with the
✓ Scope and Sequence.
✓ Weekly checklists to keep you on track.
✓ Daily checklists that guide you—and your student—through each activity.
✓ Direct links to the courses and resources you need by the week.
✓ All the additional suggested materials for the year listed in one place, like art supplies and notepaper.
✓ Links to additional resources for those days you want to spend more time on a topic your kids love(seasonal resources).

This resource took preparation out of the process and made planning easier.  Check out an excerpt of planning guide for yourself.

You absolutely don’t need to use all the topics in the curriculum box.  You can mix and match, concentrate on fewer subjects, combine certain guides with specific courses in other subject areas, or personalize utilizing resources from one of their focused learning centers.

What else is Timesaving?

All of the digital Schoolhouse Planners are available to members for free. These calendars are jam-packed with editable forms that make keeping track of your finances a breeze.
They also offer a Master Course Checklist, which covers all of the courses presently accessible on by subject and grade, as well as a blank monthly checklist and a Skills Learned form.

What’s more- use AppleCore that helps in individual record keeping.  AppleCore is simple program that generates report card and/or transcript for your student records. Simply create student profile (one for each student) and click the ‘add year’ button (example: 9th grade). To begin adding the classes your child is taking, click ‘add courses.’ Specific courses may be selected from dropdowns under general categories, and each course can be added with single click.You have an option of scheduling and stating the length of each class in the fall, spring, summer, or whole year. 

Log in and input the grade and number of credits received for each course when it
finished. You may print report card if you like, but throughout high school, or keep the information and add additional classes each year.
Applecore record keeping

The Silver Plan Includes

  • Course Tracker.
  • Grade Reporting.
  • Report Cards.
  • Portfolio.
  • Attendance records.

ALL members are eligible for a free silver membership, but those who purchase a 1-year membership are eligible for a free gold membership. also offers member-only events!


Final thoughts:

Any family with Christian faith that enjoys online learning will like If you’re new to online learning, this would be a terrific place to start because of its versatile resources.  Often, when our children reach higher grades, parents fear that they will have learning gaps or that they will be unable to teach what they do not understand. This is an excellent affordable resource for parents as well, given their resources for more challenging courses included with the membership.  If you are considering this you may want to check out what the other crew members think of


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