Could you get paid for your daily purchases! Cashback?

As a parent to a child with special needs, life gets hectic and complicated in many ways!  That makes me look at alternatives to many errands that cannot be done during the day due to our unique lives. I have hence often turned online for all my shopping needs.  On one such occasion, I bumped on a cashback site  Personally, there has been no looking back.  I have been able to save hundreds of dollars for the shopping that I end up doing anyways for our daily needs.   We all love finding the best deals. And I know

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Supplements, vitamins- your best bet!

Special needs and research on supplements I guess go hand in hand.  At some point, every parent will look up to something for cleansing the body or managing the nutrient profile. With sensory issues, delays, picky eating, detox, etc. you will be left looking up for various supplements that your naturopath may recommend. Initially, when I shopped for supplements, it was from various other merchants including stores.  Vitacost stood out amongst all of them for the below reasons. 1) Two-day shipping 2) Excellent packaging, I am pretty impressed with the way they ship products that are to be kept cold.

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