Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

My rating 4 out of 5. Amazing inspirational work. She covered all areas for e.g a coworker, superior, and colleague to illustrate how an employed woman is perceived. Talks about inherent and societal impacts from all angles for working women. She touches on self limited restrictions to cultural bias and does it all in a very empathetic manner.  Frequently quoting her real-life scenarios. Few reasons for not giving it 5 stars is the write-up consists of way too many names and long descriptions.  Mainly about their positions making it difficult to assimilate the gist, at times. Also, Sandberg does leave

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What If?: The Challenge of Self-Realization

My rating 3 out of 5. As you flip through the chapters, it makes a very disturbing read. Provides various thought experiments, changing their circumstances and hence how the conclusions go through a change. Some of these experiments are painful and make us dwell could this angle change the entire meaning so much! In all, he challenges us to question our beliefs and look at a case from different angles of morality. A question that comes throughout the book- Would you know this would be true, would that change anything in your behavior. However, it seems through this book we

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Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently.

My rating 5 out of 5. This is an amazing book, could not keep it off, once I started. The concepts around “catch and cradle”; unbalancing life, leaning it towards the things one is strong at seems to make perfect practical sense. I typically liked the way he delves into the case studies of two ladies to isolate patterns/decisions and “what if” something would have been done differently. Finally, giving us a perspective on what was their strong and weak moment and more importantly how does one get into concluding so. The latter part of the book with real-time case

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1,000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently

My rating 3 out of 5. Well, I have been a regular at their blog for years and do read the subscription emails when not able to spend time at the blog. This is why I always wanted to read this book. To my surprise, it failed to keep my attention as the content flow seemed repetitive and much like a collection of blog entries. Sometimes I felt as I am reading a revised version of a ‘book of sayings’. I tried hard from chapter to chapter to see if the content was any different than their blog, however, it

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Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

My rating 3 out of 5. I picked this book thinking it’s some spiritual concept wrt spiritual family. However, it’s an account of a man(who was adopted as a child) discovering his biological roots. The writing style kept me glued in like a mystery novel initially, however later it became a drag. The detailed descriptions along with time and date stamps about how the author went searching for his family.  It has one clue after the other leading to his goal. So it became somewhat boring later, in that I had to refresh my memory(by reading some parts of the

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Finding My Way- book review

My rating 3 out of 5. The book started with a promise of a story around the friendship between the main character ‘Camilla’ and ‘Rosie’. Further talks about a romantic relationship between ‘Camilla’ and ‘Xavier’. The flow of the book is such that the chapters alternate back and forth in time weaving the life progression of these three characters predominantly. I give it three stars…as I found few chapters repetitive, flimsy, too sexual for the context of this book. When I had read half of the book, I found myself returning to the book cover to remind myself, what is

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Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle

My rating 5 out of 5. One of the only books that I have come across that states a methodical crossover from resentment to forgiveness while you tap within, without an iota of guilt. I am amazed by the way it’s written to incorporate practical thinking. It makes room for a basic paradigm that we are spiritual beings here to go through a human experience. Reasoning out, however not condemning that we are so messed up by design which our human experience predominates. I have read scripts that have always spoken of our inherent shortcomings quite rudely at times, as

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Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

My rating 3 out of 4 stars. I would have given it 4 stars, if not for the way how the book was structured. It starts off pretty well keeping you focused on why you are reading this book.  Her personal struggles only to drift into a lot of science, statistics. The book becomes a drag after some point. I do feel inspired by how she has put it all together, despite her accident setback that led to losing her identity. It is laudable and this rating is not reflective of her personal story, by any chance. However, the book

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Why Not Me?

Its My rating 1 out of 5. I picked this as this showed up in the “my recommended read” section during browsing. I tried hard to like it-  completed reading anyway. Throughout, I had no clue why I was reading it! The book offered no moral/life perspective/solace or entertainment. I am not sure how it made it to the top, did not strike a chord with me. The author has tried hard to induce humor and her failing attempts are apparent in the work. It’s an account of all random walks of her life.  They are thrown off as if

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Year of Yes

My rating 5 out of 5. I have wondered about her greatness and imagination all the time. This is a very interesting piece presented with self-deprecating humor.  She is having an engaging conversation with the reader throughout.  Her style seemed to resonate with the mental talk she portrays on her shows sometimes, blunt, deep, and to the point.  The talks that sometimes serve as a preamble or an impactful conclusion. Plot It was revealing to note that she had fears around public presence and this book starts with how a family situation served as a reflection point for her. She

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