Differentiation of instruction, is it really needed?

The child is ready when he/she is!  You may have heard this several times, when it comes to educating a child with special needs.  Well, do we know when they are ready?  Are we doing anything to make them ready, like we do in all other arenas of their life?  Does repetition alone mean quality instruction that has been well tried?  These are some questions that come to the mind of a well intentioned parent/caregiver when they are dealing with a child having diverse needs.  If you are one of them then read on!


Teaching with Clicker software – Assistive technology for education.

It’s been an interesting journey teaching my child who has strong auditory and visual skills, however, is minimally verbal(on the spectrum).  In this post, I share with you what worked for us and developed his speech and writing skills further, steering his learning experience in a very positive way!  Every parent’s dream, come read on to find out more!


Special needs and the maze of sleep issues! How to navigate?

Did you know with special needs you have sleep issues lurking as a co-morbidity?  Yes, while a parent/caregiver is so soaked up dealing with other delays their child has, it seems inevitable to glide over or just simple live through the sleep disturbances your child is presenting. In the vast schema of things like speech, adaptive milestones, I was exhausted to look at sleep as a separate issue to deal with.  My son with ASD had both – delayed sleep onset and sleep awakenings.  After taking hours to fall asleep, he would wake up at random times and stay awake

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Sound healing therapy. Did you know about it?

Do you have a child who is good at certain things but struggles with executive functioning and focus in general?  Do you find your kid fidgety, lacking attention and emotional regulation has a diagnosis of ASD, ADD, ADHD, or auditory processing disorder?  Does your child suffer in day-to-day life or school due to learning and communication disorders? Then keep reading… I have always been on the lookout for multisensory approaches to support learning.  Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.  My son is minimally verbal(has delayed echolalia) and possesses a great liking

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Aquatic poster

Aquatic occupational therapy, heard of it?

Have you struggled with a child with gross motor delays?  Did they trip and fall often, could not hop, skip and jump as their peers did?  There is certainly something you can do to help along while supporting their skill development in other areas. Heard of Aquatic occupational therapy (Aquatic OT)?  What is it? It is a unique, yet evidence-based, type of therapy practice where water is used as a therapy tool.  It is not common to see occupational therapy for children in the aquatic environment.  You will see kids in the sessions that look a lot like traditional therapy

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Could you get paid for your daily purchases! Cashback?

As a parent to a child with special needs, life gets hectic and complicated in many ways!  That makes me look at alternatives to many errands that cannot be done during the day due to our unique lives. I have hence often turned online for all my shopping needs.  On one such occasion, I bumped on a cashback site Befrugal.com.  Personally, there has been no looking back.  I have been able to save hundreds of dollars for the shopping that I end up doing anyways for our daily needs.   We all love finding the best deals. And I know

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Time concepts-“Understanding” passage of day.

In this post, I elaborate on how to extend time concepts to understand the passage of a day. Follow-up post in continuation to my earlier post on –  “passage of time” concepts. My son is who is speech delayed(on the spectrum) loves structure and has shown a strong preference for written schedules.  I have always used such schedules to curate his day and make it predictable. However, I did experience issues as my son would keep requesting an activity on the schedule, while it was not the time for that yet!  I had taught him elapsed time concepts using visual timers,

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