Why Not Me?


My rating 1 out of 5.

I picked this as this showed up in the “my recommended read” section during browsing. I tried hard to like it-  completed reading anyway.

Throughout, I had no clue why I was reading it! The book offered no moral/life perspective/solace or entertainment. I am not sure how it made it to the top, did not strike a chord with me. The author has tried hard to induce humor and her failing attempts are apparent in the work. It’s an account of all random walks of her life.  They are thrown off as if you were reading random pages of someone’s diary. The last part of the Latin teacher’s fantasy letters was beyond my understanding/totally misplaced content. Book seemed to have many fillers!

Maybe it’s just me.  Pick a summary, see if you will like it, and then spend time on it. Good luck with that

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