Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

My rating 3 out of 5.

I picked this book thinking it’s some spiritual concept wrt spiritual family. However, it’s an account of a man(who was adopted as a child) discovering his biological roots. The writing style kept me glued in like a mystery novel initially, however later it became a drag. The detailed descriptions along with time and date stamps about how the author went searching for his family.  It has one clue after the other leading to his goal.

So it became somewhat boring later, in that I had to refresh my memory(by reading some parts of the earlier chapter) if I was not reading it continuously; to be able to connect the dots. In all, if you are looking for inspiration to set yourself on a journey to reach out to your biological links- read this. The author practically explains his turmoil over investigation spanning over two decades and that’s something!. However, it does not give you any steps, standard tools to proceed in this search. His personal search details can serve as a guideline to someone in similar situation.

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