Finding My Way- book review

Finding my way

My rating 3 out of 5.
The book started with a promise of a story around the friendship between the main character ‘Camilla’ and ‘Rosie’. Further talks about a romantic relationship between ‘Camilla’ and ‘Xavier’. The flow of the book is such that the chapters alternate back and forth in time weaving the life progression of these three characters predominantly.

I give it three stars…as I found few chapters repetitive, flimsy, too sexual for the context of this book. When I had read half of the book, I found myself returning to the book cover to remind myself, what is this book about really! Oh “finding my way” as the repetitive, sexual content had crossed limits of romance and was too out of the context, as though included to boost sales. In one of the later chapters too, either of the characters recall their hookup memories and meetups, which are described leaning in heavily on the sexual content.

Apart from that the theme of the book is great in having an elderly person live her life on her terms, maintaining her health, and taking care of relationships that most meant to her.  Camilla’s description of old age was impressive and how she reasoned out to end it gracefully by not falling prey to extending life with treatments. That part was thought-provoking and emotional.

The book is fictional work, however, the story would have had more depth and morality, if Xavier’s standpoint and obligations with his wife would have been covered too. He seems to have flocked to help his ailing drug addict daughter at one point in his life.  However, in the past, stayed hooked up with Camilla and kept his dancing hobbies. While all we find then is only a mention that he had a mentally unstable wife. Therefore, overall it seems like he did little for his wife and was totally engrossed in his personal life and living. And suddenly later, the story spins over where he is being portrayed as an extraordinary dutiful father who forgoes his personal agenda to bring up his grandchildren.  This sounds too good to believe.

Camilla’s independent thinking and individuality are well brought out in the book.  The letters written by one and all including Camilla’s patient are impressive, make you re-read those excerpts.

I received this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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