Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle

Radical forgiveness

My rating 5 out of 5.

One of the only books that I have come across that states a methodical crossover from resentment to forgiveness while you tap within, without an iota of guilt.

I am amazed by the way it’s written to incorporate practical thinking. It makes room for a basic paradigm that we are spiritual beings here to go through a human experience. Reasoning out, however not condemning that we are so messed up by design which our human experience predominates.

I have read scripts that have always spoken of our inherent shortcomings quite rudely at times, as though we don’t have basic flaws.  This book gives us a few protocols and experiments to try.  Using those one can identify some relationship patterns and get some help to work on them.  I was able to identify a pattern with my son, that dated back to my father.  I was able to close the gap of guilt versus a repetitive pattern of feeling disengaged/unloved.

This book by far deals with the purpose/mission concept with an empathetic attitude.  It does keep us encouraged to understand “why we are, what we are”.




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